Oct 17, 2023Liked by Neel Mehta

Loved this issue - the skiing article and the “hidden keystones”. One thing that struck me about the comment “rewarded in performance management systems” - I feel like keystones are often unfairly overlooked in silly-valley type cultures, but work in I’ve done with (say) more traditional manufacturing companies, or mid-size, Midwest financial services companies I’ve seen a lot of those types of people, typically very tenured, typically not very senior but seemingly both highly respected and satisfied in their work.

I’m not sure this adds to the article but - maybe there’s just a question of velocity here. In very high velocity environments hidden keystones haven’t had the chance to develop - they simply don’t exist. In low velocity walking-pace environments, they exist and are well nurtured and respected. It’s the medium pace still-thinks-it’s-a-startup hasn’t quite figured itself out yet where the tension is greatest.

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